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I have said many times that “I’m starving”. After starting our kids Bible lesson and feeding program, I’m not sure I’ll use this saying again. The word starving in our community and many communities around the world is literal. There are many children in our neighborhood that don’t receive breakfast, have very little for lunch and no dinner. Some don’t even attend school because they have to work making bricks. We have been   feeling God pull us toward them. It is a huge undertaking to start a feeding program for these kids, not only  a financial undertaking, but also the logistics and the physical part of it were a concern. As we found out again, God is in charge and nothing is too big for him. We had a meeting with our Peruvian team and discussed this. They were very excited; we prayed and decided this can be done if we work together. The logistics part was taken care of by one of our team members who lives in this area, he said we can use their home and kitchen. The rest of the team was ready to cook, teach and serve. We are trusting in the Lord that the financial part will be taken care of also. As of now the program will be every Saturday and more if financially able. Being hungry for food is just part of it, they are also hungry for Christ. Mahatma Gandhi said “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread”. It’s been proven that hungry children have a hard time learning.

On our first day we fed over 50 kids. They had a good size piece of fish, cooked carrots, rice and a drink. They learned about and saw who God is and knew there was hope. Some came with sad faces but when they left, they were smiling. One family has 10 children. I know, I think the same thing, why keep having kids you can’t afford to feed. The thing is, the kids are here and that’s where we come in. On the day we started this program we went to their home to invite them and the mom was already out begging for food for the kids. When I say this family has nothing, that’s exactly what I mean. They have four walls and a partial roof, no beds or mattresses and sleep on a dirt floor. Victor who is 8 years old is one of the children and at the feeding program he had no idea how to use a fork. When you help someone’s children, it puts you in a different light with the parents and we could see this happen that day. Who knows where this will lead.

God has many different names:

Protector of the poor (Psalm 12:5)

Rescuer of the poor (1 Sam 2:8, Psalm 35:10, Jeremiah 20:13)

Provider of the poor (Psalm 68:10, Isaiah 41:17)

Savior of the poor (Psalm 34:6)

Refuge of the poor (Psalm 14:6, Isaiah 25:4)

When people who have nothing hear the Gospel they don’t take it as a threat, they take it as great news and respond readily.

A great quote I heard was “There is no poverty greater than to be without Christ”


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